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Dual Seal PRV Ti - 20psi

6000 Meter Rated, Single Poppet, Titanium High Pressure Relief Valve, Cracking Pressure 20psi

Quantity Price
1 - 10 482.00
11 - 25 464.68
26 - 50 455.01
51 - 100 428.52
101 - 125 410.69


Pressure Relief Valves maintain a low differential pressure and reduce the risk of injury in systems that incorporate internal components which off-gas or other sources of pressure buildup that can create a dangerous high internal pressure situations. PREVCO offers a single poppet and a dual poppet version for high reliability. Both incorporate our dual seal technology. Pressure Relief Valves fit in Standard #4 SAE Port* (Same as PREVCO Dual Seal Vent Plug)

Technical Specifications


  • Tiodized Titanium
  • Safety Feature for Pressure Vessels
  • Limits Catastrophic Blowout of End Cap during Dis-assembly
  • Especially important when Batteries or off-gassing components are enclosed
  • Relieves at ~20 psi differential
  • Single moving poppet
  • Dual Main Interface seals
  • 6000m operating depth
  • Fits in standard #4 SAE interface port
  • See Interface Control Drawing in the link below for mounting interface
  • Viton O-rings as standard


  • Grade 5 Titanium for all parts exposed to Sea Water


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