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We engineer Subsea Pressure Vessels and Accessories to meet your individual requirements. Primarily custom solutions, but a range of stock options are also available. Products are designed, manufactured and delivered fully verified. We have the expertise and experience to ensure your subsea success!

Custom Design

We like a challenge - however deep, however complex and for whatever purpose, our engineers will find a solution. Provide the specification, whether Stainless to Ceramic, Surface to Trench and we’ll do the rest; Challenge us!


A full service, engineering and production company offering engineering consultation, detailed design, FEA and other analysis, manufacturing, inspection and hydrostatic pressure testing to full ocean depth and beyond!

Depth of Knowledge

Our team of engineers come from a variety of backgrounds including Naval Architecture, Ocean, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering and have been serving the defense, oil & gas and oceanographic industries since 1999!

According to some estimates, if all of the salt in the oceans, in the form of sodium chloride could be removed and spread evenly over the Earth’s land surface it would form a layer more than 166 meters (500 feet) thick, about the height of a 40-story office building.

Animals in the Abyssopelagic zone (3,000 - 6,000m) include anglerfish, deep sea jellyfish, deep sea shrimp, cookiecutter shark, tripod fish, and abyssal octopus also known as the dumbo octopus. The animals that live in this zone will eat anything since food is very scarce this deep down in the ocean.

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Field tested, proven and deployed worldwide.

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We offer a complete service for all your subsea housings needs; Ocean Engineering, Analysis and Pressure testing. Please fill out this form, email or call to discuss your needs. Our experienced engineering staff can offer assistance for most Marine and Ocean Engineering applications.