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Low Pressure PRV AL - 5psi

A low cost Aluminum Pressure Relief Valve for use in Shallow Water (less than 100m)

Quantity Price
1 - 10 71.40
11 - 30 64.26
31 - 65 57.84
66 - 100 57.60
101 - 500 45.17


Pressure Relief Valves maintain a low differential pressure and reduce the risk of injury in systems that incorporate internal components which off-gas or other sources of pressure buildup that can create a dangerous high internal pressure situations. See the interface drawing for the special interface needed for this PRV. To reduce corrosion effects, this valve should only be used on Aluminum or Plastic Enclosures operating at less than 100 meters depth.

Technical Specifications


  • Aluminum Construction
  • Safety Feature for Pressure Vessels
  • Limits Catastrophic Blowout of End cap during Dis-assembly
  • Cracking pressure ~5+/-2psi
  • Maximum Operating Depth 100 meters


  • Spring
  • Aluminum


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