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Testable API 16D Vent Plug

This is a High Reliability dual seal vent plug used in certain applications that require the ability to test at full pressure between all O-rings. Material of this design is Grade 5 Titanium.

Quantity Price
1 - 1 2160.82
2 - 3 1159.08
4 - 5 658.22
6 - 11 491.27
12 - 23 319.16
24 - 9999 235.70


This is similar to PREVCO's Dual Seal Vent Plug (DSVP) in that it incorporates dual seals to provide double sealing redundancy for high reliability applications. However applications that need to be able to meet API16D testable standards this vent plug was designed just for that purpose. There is a removable standard Leak Before Open (LBO) PREVCO Dual Seal Vent Plug (DSVP) and a Tiodized Titanium vent plug that mounts to your interface that is configured to test between the O-rings. The body mounts to the enclosure interface. When ready to test between the interface O-Rings Remove the PREVCO DSVP and attach your test equipment, perform the test and replace the DSVP.

Technical Specifications


  • All Titanium Construction
  • API 16D compliant
  • 6000m rated


  • Standard Titanium Prevco Dual Seal Vent Plug (DSVP)
  • Testable Vent Plug Body
  • Buna O-Rings


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