Vacuum Port Adaptor (VPA)

Vacuum Port Adaptor (VPA)

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The Vacuum Port Adaptor Mounts to the top of the PREVCO popular Single Poppet Pressure Relief Valve for the purposes of pulling a vacuum and backfilling with dry inert gas such as dry Nitrogen.

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Prevco’s pressure relief valve, vacuum port adaptor (VPA) is the latest product in our line of subsea underwater housing support equipment. It addresses an all too common problem. When vacuum leak testing an enclosure, there is often a loss of vacuum when replacing the vent plug and/or a loss of pressure when backfilling with Nitrogen. This small assembly provides a key link between our industry standard, Portable Vacuum/N2 Backfill Kit and a Prevco Dual Seal Pressure Relief Valve. This ensures that a housing can be sealed with an internal vacuum and that any backfilling gas is not mixed with atmospheric air when the PRV is replaced. The pressure relief valve, vacuum adaptor, addresses this by allowing both procedures to be performed through our standard Hi-Pressure, pressure relief valve. The adaptor, temporarily mounts onto our standard PRV and physically opens the PRV poppet while the vacuum is being pulled. The poppet remains open while backfilling with Nitrogen and then closes after use, minimising the possibility of losing first vacuum and then pressure.

  • Attaches to standard PRV
  • Physically opens PRV poppet
  • Allows
  • Vacuum to be pulled through PRV
  • Nitrogen backfilling through PRV
  • Poppet valve closed after use

Technical Specifications


  • Attaches to standard Ti PRV
  • Allows for vacuum and Nitrogen backfill
  • Avoids loss of pressure


  • Anodized Aluminum shell
  • Stainless Steel thumbwheel
  • Buna O-rings


Additional information

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Dimensions 3 × 2.5 × 2 in