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Vacuum Kit (EU Version)

PREVCO’s Vacuum and Dry Nitrogen Backfill Kit allows you to perform a vacuum leak test on your housing after assembly and to replace the vacuum with dry nitrogen, reducing the risk of condensation buildup.



The Vacuum and Dry Nitrogen Backfill Kit includes everything you need to perform a vacuum leak test and back-fill with dry Nitrogen. Included in the kit is the 240 VAC vacuum pump, interface manifold, valve, gauge, re-certified Nitrogen storage bottle, Nitrogen regulator, interconnect hose, instruction manual and rugged shipping case with wheels. Please note that the cylinder is shipped empty, so buyers should make sure that they have a gas supplier before purchasing.

The kit performs 3 functions; vacuum leak testing before deployment; back-filling with dry Nitrogen, and endcap removal using a hose from the low pressure outlet. Click on the owners manual link below for further details.

Technical Specifications


  • Vacuum Leak Testing of Housings before deployment
  • Nitrogen back-filling - Cylinder shipped empty
  • Controlled Endcap Removal


  • Vacuum Pump - 240 VAC
  • Interface Manifold
  • Nitrogen Bottle and Regulator
  • All tools and fittings included


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