Subsea Heat Sink

Subsea Heat Sink

An efficient and space saving way of getting heat out of an enclosure with up to 250W capacity. It has a Copper Beryllium construction with integrated heat pipes and customer specified heat plate sizing.


A heat pipe is a closed evaporator-condenser system consisting of a sealed, hollow tube whose inside walls are lined with a capillary structure or wick. Thermodynamic working fluid, with substantial vapor pressure at the desired operating temperature, saturates the pores of the wick in a state of equilibrium between liquid and vapor. When heat is applied to the heat pipe, the liquid in the wick heats and evaporates. As the evaporating fluid fills the heat pipe hollow center, it diffuses throughout its length. Condensation of the vapor occurs wherever the temperature is even slightly below that of the evaporation area. As it condenses, the vapor gives up the heat it acquired during evaporation. This effective high thermal conductance helps maintain near constant temperatures along the entire length of the pipe. CONTACT PREVCO FOR MORE INFORMATION AND PRICING.

Technical Specifications


  • 6000m Rated
  • Dual Pipe ~250W (w/CuBe Heat Sink)
  • Installs like a connector to housing


  • Copper Beryllium construction
  • Hollow Tubes with condenser system
  • Thermodynamic Working Fluid