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  • What are your Dimensional Constraints?

    Provide the "Actual" space you need inside the housing. PREVCO will determine what size the housing needs to be to have adequate assembly and in-service clearances. Be sure to include your units of measure (inches, millimeters, feet, meters, etc).

  • Maximum Working Depth in Sea Water

    Please include your units of measure (inches, millimeters, feet, meters, etc).

  • Material Requirements

    PREVCO will select the best performance and cost material if you have no specific material requirements.

  • Accessories

    Select accessories for your application.

  • Number of Connectors in each endcap

    Provide the numbers of connectors or penetrations you expect in each endcap.

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    This is your chance to describe in detail what you are looking for and we encourage you to use as many words as necessary. Be sure to include as much information as possible about the operating scenario, any material preferences (if known) duration of continuous deployment, quantities, time-frames and any other special requirements. Don't forget, we do a lot of custom designs, so give us your information and we will reply with some options (including modified standard stock if applicable).

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