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We are excited to offer these items which can now be purchased directly from our website.

P6.501 Plastic Housing

Clear acrylic endcaps     P6.501 Plastic housings are made of PVC with Optically Clear Acrylic Endcaps ready to modify for your connectors or other penetrations/features. More »

ROV/Diver Operated Electrical Switch

The new ROV/Diver controlled electrical switch can operate in up to 3000m of water and has an ROV compliant handle.  The switch can rotate continuously in both directions and turns on and off at 90 degree intervals.  The switching function will automatically rotate the switch to ON or OFF when the control is less than 90 degrees between functions. More »

High Pressure - Relief Valve                                                                                             
  • Long life
  • Deep operation
  • Dual seals
  • Fits in standard #4 SAE port
                                                              More »

Low Pressure Relief Valve

  • Shallow depth operation
  • Cracking pressure:Approx. 5 psig
  • Maximum depth rating:100 meters
  • Body material:Anodized Aluminum More »

Dual Poppet - Pressure Relief Valve

  Prevco’s High Reliability Dual Poppet Pressure Relief Valve encloses two serially redundant pressure relief valves in a single corrosion resistant housing. More »

Vent Plugs

While standard single seal SAE plugs are often used in subsea applications, these components were designed for hydraulic applications and not specifically intended to seal under repeated applications of external pressure. More »

Vacuum and Dry Nitrogen Backfill

European and US kits availablePREVCO’s Vacuum and Dry Nitrogen Backfill Kit allows you to pull a vacuum on your housing after assembly to check to be sure the housing is leak tight. More »

Pressure Relief Valve – Vacuum Port Adaptor

Vacuum adaptor thumbPrevco’s new pressure relief valve, vacuum port adaptor (VPA) is the latest product in our line of subsea housing support equipment. It addresses an all too common problem. More »


Prevco Zincoids (sacrificial anodes) can be attached to aluminum housings to change the galvanic potential of the metal and to protect connectors. More »