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P5 Series Housing - 12in

The PREVCO Stock P/P2_5.201SD-12-has an inside packaging diameter of 5.24'' (133.1mm) and packaging length of 12'' (304.8) These PVC housings are fitted with optically clear acrylic end caps making them versatile for cameras or for any applications needing to see inside before or during deployment. They can also be used for standard subsea applications using Aluminum or PVC end caps or a combination of both. Contact Prevco for a quote.


The PREVCO Stock P/P2_5.201 PVC housings fitted with optically clear acrylic end caps. The packaging diameter is 5.24''(133.1mm) and they come in standard packaging lengths of 12, 18, and 24 inches (304.8mm, 457.2mm and 609.6mm). These housings include all hardware and O-rings including spares, and our dual seal vent plug, P/N 00669-001. The end caps are supplied unmodified, ready to be machined to your requirements however PREVCO can provide a fully modified housing meeting your needs and delivery it fully tested. We can also supply these in custom lengths. Contact PREVCO for more information.

These housings have been supplied to customers with various end cap materials including the stock supplied optically clear acrylic, standard PVC, Aluminum and Copper Beryllium (helps to get heat out) as well as titanium. These are easily modified to meet your needs just let us know how we can help.

Technical Specifications


  • Custom lengths available
  • 5.24 - inches (133.1mm) inside Packaging Diameter
  • 12 - inches (304.8mm) inside Packaging Length
  • 100 meter maximum operating depth (may be limited by length)


  • Clear Acrylic Endcaps standard
  • PVC Plastic Tube
  • Aluminum and PVC Endcaps also available or combination of both

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