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One of our most popular 'stock design' housings, the Model A811 is made of Hard Coat Anodized Aluminum and has a 7.92-inch Packaging ID (201mm) and length of 12'' (304.8mm) and can be made to almost any length requirement. Contact Prevco for a quote.


The A811 is rated for 1100 meters operating depth and the endcaps can be modified to suit your connector penetrations and mounting interface needs. We manufacture the endcaps in quantity, which helps to keep the cost down, and can make the housings for cameras and many other purposes. Standard tube packaging lengths of 12, 18 and 24-inches (304.8mm,457.2mm,609.6mm) are generally available for fast turnaround. PREVCO stocks the tube raw material so we can move quickly with your order should you need a custom length.

The model quoted is what we call 'barefoot' without modifications. This means that the endcaps would not be anodized, there would be no pressure testing and there would not be a vent plug included. If you would like us to quote for connector interfaces, brackets, pressure relief valves or chassis etc. please use the request a quote tab and let us know what you need!

Technical Specifications


  • 7.8'' - (198mm) inside packaging diameter
  • 12'' - (304.8mm) inside packaging length
  • 1100m maximum operating depth


  • Aluminum 6061-T6
  • Hard coat anodized
  • Buna O-rings as standard
  • Zinc anode (Zincoid)

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