Ocean Engineering

PREVCO’s background and experience includes many related areas that can be useful to your project. 

You are encouraged to discuss your needs with us. Our experienced Engineering staff can offer assistance for most Marine and Ocean Engineering problems. Try Us!

PREVCO offers Engineering Support For: 

  • Custom Enclosures for Custom Applications
  • Pressure Balanced Systems
  • Junction Boxes
  • Ocean Engineering
    • Subsea Systems for Defense, Oceanographic,
      and Oil Industries
    • Corrosion Prevention
    • Internal/External Bracketry and Subsea Structures
    • Buoyancy Systems
    • Handling Equipment
    • Cables and Connectors
    • Structures
    • Weight and Trim
    • Stress Analysis
    • Hydrodynamic Analysis
    • ROV’s, AUV’s and Towed Systems
    • Sensors and Data Acquisition
  • Pressure Testing
  • Wet Mate and Dry Mate
    Connectors and Penetrations 
    • Engineering Expertise in Subsea Optic and
      Subsea Electric Connectors 
    • Connector Selection 
    • Interfaces to PREVCO Housing 
  • And Much More. 

Call us at 480-837-0100 for more specific information.