Staff/Key personnel

We pride ourselves in bringing a team of incredibly talented and experienced people from very diverse backgrounds to support our customers.  All have the Oceans at their heart though, whether sailing on them, diving beneath them or designing equipment to be used in them.  Our team is passionate about the work that they do, and our expanding workforce is constantly looking for other equally dedicated professionals...

John Head


John is the original 'inspiration' behind the company and since 1999 has been working tirelessly to develop better and more standardized ways of designing and producing subsea pressure vessels.  Over the years, his knowledge and dedication in this area have enabled him to produce a line of off-the-shelf housings as well as proprietary software which allows the quick and accurate design of custom and unique enclosures.  Under his leadership, the company is rapidly growing and he has recently added new staff and larger facilities to meet increasing customer demand.

 Stephen Ashley

 Business Development Manager

Stephen Ashley joined the company in 2011 to oversee and head-up the new European Office, based in the UK.  As a British National, he is well placed to be able to expand the business into the UK, European and Worldwide market-places.  Stephen’s career has been varied and has taken him around the world in a number of ocean-related roles both above and beneath the sea.

Jonathan Abel-Millman General Manager

Jonathan Abel-Millman has been working for PREVCO since 2013.  He spent his first two years in the engineering group working with customers to develop designs and produce products.  In the last year he has been promoted to general manager where he is heavily involved in pre-sales engineering, quoting, and still remains part of the engineering team.  Jonathan received his BS in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the University of Michigan.  He spent the early part of his career working on large ships for the Navy.

Brent Dyer Engineering Manager

Brent started his career in the Aerospace / Space Industry back in 1997 after graduating with a Mechanical engineering degree from University of Houston. For the next 10 yrs. he worked on various Engineering and Science contracts with NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) 5 of which for the Space Shuttle Program office designing/analyzing payloads for the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. After finishing up there as a Pressure Systems Program Manager, he went on to gain 8 yrs. experience in the oil and gas industry, heavily involved with subsea/offshore projects for subsea manufactures, including work on control systems, manifolds, risers, jumpers, umbilical’s, and FPSO hook ups. He worked extensively on international projects as an engineering consultant for many of the major oil operators in Houston TX and has more recently moved with his family to Fountain Hills AZ, bringing with him a huge amount of talent and experience to the role of Engineering Manager.